Tactical Ops Goes Retail

This just in. Tactical Ops, a popular mod for Unreal Tournament (actually its THE most popular UT mod…) will be published by Infogrames! For those of you who don’t know, Tactical Ops is a semi-realistic UT mod, simaler to games like Counter Strike. Its a little more arcade style (so less camping, more running around shooting stuff and getting blown to bits), but the premise is the same. Two teams, one Special Forces, the other Terrorists, buy their gear and attempt an objective. Its a total blast, and if you own UT but havent tried TO yet, I suggest you do!

Tactical Ops official site
Inforgrames Tactical Ops info
GameSpy interview with Infogrames

All I can say is WOW.

Weakest Link Killer?

Infobeat mentioned a weird one this morning.

Train conductor RICHARD COOPER, 40, allegedly told a detective that he strangled his wife TERESA, 46, while saying ANNE ROBINSON’s famous quote, “You are the weakest link, goodbye.”

Err, someone’s a little screwy if you ask me. No one in his right mind would watch that show to begin with 🙂

True Lies 2 In Early Stages

New True Lies info via Cinema Confidential this morning.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says that a script was turned in last week for “True Lies II.” Details? Schwarzenegger tells this column, “Jim Cameron finished the script a few months ago. But I’m not sure it will shoot this year. I’m going to go away for a long time to do ‘Terminator,’ and it’s not my style to go away again so quickly and do another huge movie. I like to do one movie a year at the most. We’ll shoot it next year. We have a good script. There does need to be some changes because it deals with some terrorists act of some sort. But it’s pretty much done.”

Jamie Lee Curtis is also expected to return. Arnie says that rumors that he will run for office in California will not delay “TL2.” “Do you honestly think I could run for office while I’m doing ‘Terminator 3’ and then ‘True Lies II.’ Be honest. I can’t do all of it! I’m only human.”

This is not only one of my favorite Schwarzenegger films, but one of my favorite movies period. I’m anxious to see what they do in the second one. I only hope they can get Tom Arnold to reprise his role as well. Ya never know. Maybe Bill Paxton will make another appearance to wet his pants 🙂

More Indy 4 News

Very good Indiana Jones news via FoxNews:

So what’s the story, I wanted to know – with this trio (Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw and Harrison Ford) finally in one place, and relaxed enough to talk, will we ever see Indiana Jones 4?

“Yes,” they all said, and confirmed that once Spielberg films Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, IJ4 will be his priority.

“We have a title, but we’re not ready to announce it,” Spielberg said. “I will give you one clue, though. Kate is in it.” I asked if he meant that Capshaw’s character would appear via flashbacks, and he replied: “No. She’ll be in the present.”

Ford, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, said he’s ready to take on this last chapter. “It was always about getting the right script, and now we have it,” he said.

So that basically means that Indy 4 is the next movie that Spielburg plans on working on. And Kate Capshaw will be making a return to the Indiana Jones universe. Now, just that pesky wait as they actually film the silly thing and we’re in Indy Heaven again 🙂

New Guy, Eh?

Quick hello to everyone out there! This is MachDelta, and the Smikster has kindly allowed me wreck his site…. I mean, uh, post stuff on his site. 😉 I’m mostly into PCs and some other junk like that Lexus Smik posted a few days ago – *DROOL!* So when I find tasty tidbits, i’ll drop em off here.

Speaking of tasty stuff – GameSpy has some nice coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show. Its a big fancy convention where companies show off all the latest gadgets, whiz-bangs, and gee-wonders of hi-tech. They cover all sorts of stuff, from upcoming Xbox titles, to big fat plasma screen TVs. Definitly worth a read! Part 1 and Part 2

Turok Steps To Gamecube

Well, the first one was pretty cool, but stuttered a bit. The 64 was new, so it was overlooked. The second one seemed to be worse than the first. And, I can’t even remember if there was a third (I think so). Hopefully everything will change when Turok hits the Gamecube. DutchGaming.net has posted a few scans from a gaming mag featuring a first look at the game. It at least looks good. Hopefully it will play that well…

Wanted: Black Van w/ Red Accents and Fin

This is still in the rumor mill over at Dark Horizons, but worth a mention.

The A-Team: A few months ago came word in the trades that Top Cow Productions and FOX did a deal to do a live-action, contemporary version of the famous TV series. Now, Comics2Film has talked with Top Cow’s production president Spike Seldin who confirms the project is still moving full-steam ahead: “The A-Team is our biggest thing. It’s going to be an updated version, action/comedy with big-time stars. It’ll be a big-budget movie. A lot like what they did with Mission: Impossible and Charlie’s Angels, we’re going to do with The A-Team”.

YES! Finally a movie remake worth watching.

You Know The Name

Wah Wah Wah Wah, Wah Wah Wah…. Wah Wah, Wah Wah…

Just a bit of Bond20 news this morning. The official site is to go live later today with some streaming video.

Also, Dark Horizons is reporting that Pierce Brosnan has announced that he’s signed on to do one more Bond film, but it will be his last. He says that he’s getting a little too old to do the part. I’d kinda figure that being opposite Halle Berry would be a good way to go, but hey, he is Bond…

Finally, check out his new wheels. Is this guy cool or what?

Bond gets a new ride also

The Main Reasons I’m Looking To Upgrade My PC

If you are wondering what games I’m looking forward to on the PC, then you might want to check out these new vids.

GIGA.DE has 8 new vids up of various upcoming bits in the Unreal world. Unreal Tournament 2, Unreal 2, etc. are included for watching. They are a little big and the server is a little slow, but they are worth the hassle.

Probably the top game on my current watch list is Global Opertaions, and Gamespot has just updated with 8 new vids of the game in action. You can also check out another vid on the official Global Ops site.

Gambit To Make It Into X-Men Sequel?

Nightcrawler has been mentioned before, but Gambit has always received a thrumbs down. But, according to Tribute.ca, Gambit could make it into X2 afterall.

The X-Men are called into action when the powerful mutant Magneto (McKellen) escapes prison, and an army of giant robotic Sentinels are created to hunt down and destroy all mutant-kind.

Meanwhile, the team recruits two new members, the Cajun thief Gambit and the German-born, blue-skinned teleporter, Nightcrawler.

Nothing official yet.

Wesley Crusher To Host Video Game Show

Just read a neat little piece over at WIL WHEATON DOT NET.

That’s right. I got hired to be a host and writer for a new TV Network. It’s AWESOME. The network is called “G4” and it’s all about video games, and the people who play them. I am so excited. I get to work with my friend Travis, and, I get paid to write! I start on Monday.

This job is going to be awesome, and the people I’m working for are just amazing. I get to play games all day long, write commentary about video game culture, and, the best part is, when I get work in a movie or series, I can take that job, and write my stuff from home, or the set!! It’s so the best of all worlds.

That might have lost a few of you. Let me explain.

G4 is a new video game based TV channel that should be launching in the next few months. Gaming and the gaming culture will be covered 24/7.

Now, Wil Wheaton is the actor known by most as playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His personal site is just that: his personal site. He’s one of the biggest geeks out there and is proud to admit it. It might not sound like much, but he’s got quite a following around the net.

Matrix Big Bada Boom

More Matrix news via IMDb.com.

Producers of The Matrix Reloaded have filed for a permit to set off an enormous explosion at a power station near Sydney, Australia that ceased operations in 1983. According to the InSciFi.net website, the filmmakers plan to build a $200,000 set at the White Bay station, then explode it with such force that it will create a 65-foot fireball and a noise reaching 110 decibels (the maximum sound level permitted for a rock concert). The application states that the producers intend to set off the explosion at midnight (“to ensure maximum darkness”) on Feb. 14.

Every little piece of info is making me want this movie even more. Heck, not knowing anything would make me want to watch it 🙂

Soccer Slam Pics And Info

Visual Concepts has entered the world of NBA Jam style sports. This isn’t basketball, football, or hockey. They are taking it to the soccer field, but don’t expect a normal digitized version of your favorite start.

Gamers.com has first pics of Soccer Slam and while it’s not sticking to the rosters, it does seem to be giving the game a bit of attitude.

The Gamecube is going to need innovative games to keep up with the times, and Sega’s lackluster support up to now was a bit of an unknown smudge on the crystal ball of the future of Mario and Co, but if they keep titles of this caliber on their system, things could look up for the big N.