Purple Light Sabre

Interesting little piece of Episode II trivia up on Dark Horizons about Samuel L. Jackson and his role in the upcoming movie:

“he asked Lucas if he could have a purple light sabre at the start of the shoot. Lucas replied ‘no’ and walked away. Come the day of the shoot however, Jackson performed his first sabre scene, when they showed him the playback…there it was”. He also laughed saying that “hordes of Star Wars fans will be coming up to him asking ‘why have you got a purple sabre’ looking for some deeper meaning”.

Heh. Star Wars fans will be pondering that one for a loooong time 🙂

One thought on “Purple Light Sabre

  • MickHills says:

    My is theory that Mace Windu had not completely mastered the dark side of himself, yet had not become Sith either. This can be seen in his susupicious nature toward Anakin and his aggressive fighting style toward Jango Fett. The influence of this partly supressed dark side has caused a normally blue light sabre to have a red tinge, as a result red and blue make purple!
    Mick Hills from Australia-
    ( once a part of Tatooine a long,long time ago)

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