Down For A Few

Well, things will be quiet here for a few days. I was in to the dentist today and had my wisdom teeth pulled. Left there with my mouth filled with gause, and stopped to pick up my Xbox 🙂

Been playing it most of the day and loving it. Even had a few buddies in to try things out.

So far:

Halo is awesome. That’s it…

Project Gotham will probably grow on me. I’m not a huge racing fan, but I wanted one, so it was my obvious choice. If you like racing games, you should like it.

DOA3 has some awesome graphics, but I’ll need to spend some more time with it. It’s a bit deeper than I remember, but still quite a blast. Eye candy overload 🙂

Catch you in a few. Picking up my Gamecube on Sunday. 2 awesome consoles in 4 days. It don’t get much better!

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