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Hogan’s Heroes Redux?

LeBeau? Schultz? Klink? Those names mean anything to you? Well, it seems that Maximus seems to think a lot of the old show Hogan’s Heroes. According to a recent post on The Hollywood, Russel Crowe is reportedly interested in bringing back the POW camp based comedy, with himself in the lead role.

Very, very […]

Kung Payne

This is a very cool idea. The ‘Kung Fu’ mod for Max Payne gives Max an extra weapon in the game. The weapon? A variety of Kung Fu moves. I’ll definitely have to check this one out.

FGN Hangs It Up…

Well, yet another one bites the dust. Apparently with the slow drop in advertising, the plug has been pulled on one of my favorites gaming news sites, The Fastest Game News Online or as it’s more commonly known, FGN. I’ve emailed them on quite a few occasions and am sad to see them go. For […]

Purple Light Sabre

Interesting little piece of Episode II trivia up on Dark Horizons about Samuel L. Jackson and his role in the upcoming movie:

“he asked Lucas if he could have a purple light sabre at the start of the shoot. Lucas replied ‘no’ and walked away. Come the day of the shoot however, Jackson performed his […]

Down For A Few

Well, things will be quiet here for a few days. I was in to the dentist today and had my wisdom teeth pulled. Left there with my mouth filled with gause, and stopped to pick up my Xbox 🙂

Been playing it most of the day and loving it. Even had a few buddies in […]

Bruce Lee Is Back?

Variety reports that Bruce Lee will be the first dead star to be revieved via computer for a motion picture.

More than 28 years after Bruce Lee’s death, computer technology will resurrect the kung-fu icon to star in the chopsocky actioner “Dragon Warrior,” the first time a dead actor will be re-created in a major […]

Gamers Unite!!!

Consider yourself a pure, true, and loyal gamer. Are you willing to game for your country? Then you might want to check out the newest from Penny Arcade. Make sure you click on the ‘Hi-Res’ version for your membership card…

Nintendo Will Eventually Go Online

Apparently the big N is planning on entering the online market, but as they have said in the past, but only when the market is ready for it. FGN quoted gaming guru Shigeru Miyamoto as saying “There are a large number of online games in development for Gamecube, which are secret.”

Hopefully online gaming isn’t […]

RO Opens GC Section

Seems that RedOctane has gotten their GameCube section up and running. If you have a Gamecube preordered, but want to check out a few more games, then I would get an order in now.

In case you missed it, their Xbox section is up as well.

Stoked Over Rogue Leader

Even without reading the Planet GameCube Impressions, I’m getting seriously excited about playing the new Gamecube Rogue Leader. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I’m a big enough fan to want to try this one out.

I almost bought it on the N64, but after seeing this thing in motion, I’m glad I […]

‘High’ Score On Salon

Not only are we training to kill people, now we are supposed to be high while we are doing it? If gaming was this much fun, you kinda figure that people would be pushing you a copy of Serious Sam with that nickel bag.

Gotta love the press…

No ‘Q’ For You!

Looks like we will be ‘Q’less in the US. According to Yahoo!, Panasonic has no plans to bring the Gamecube / DVD hybrid to the US.

Oh well. I guess my PS2 and Xbox will serve me well until I splurge for an actual DVD player.

Rub A Dub Dub – Star Wars Style

Was checking out FGN and they have posted a few new pics from the upcoming Rogue Leader for the Gamecube (which I’m getting. Both the console and the game) All of the pics have been good so far, but these are kinda unique. The level in the game in set in water, but features AT-ATs […]