Wolfenstein Update

Mucho cool info up atAchtung Wolfenstein! about the “Top 10 Wolfenstein Revelations”, 10 things never known about the game until now.

#9 Das Boot for Team Killers
This feature wasn’t in, but Activision described a new feature aimed at curbing team killers. Once someone kills another on his team, the victim gets a chance to lodge a “complaint” against that player. After so many complaints, a vote to kick the player is automatically called.

#8 Checkpoint Mode
Many of the maps (including one that we got to play) can be played in “checkpoint mode” in addition to their regular “objective mode”. Checkpoint involves capturing multiple flags on the level, with the first team to cap them all winning. It’s similar to Unreal Tournament’s Domination mode.

#7 New Maps
I got to play two additional maps: “Das Boot” and “Assault”. Das Boot is a level where Allies try to dynamite an Axis submarine after punching through a couple of sealed doors. Protecting your Engineers is a must! Assault normally requires Allies to fight their way to a radio tower and dynamite it, but we played this map in Checkpoint mode (see above). Both maps were very well done.

Very cool. This is one of the few PC games that I’m anxious to get my hands on.

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