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Gord Speaks

One of the more entertaining site’s I’ve seen recently, Acts of Gord is interesting to say the least. Gord is the owner/worker at a videogame rental/used/sale shop. The stories on his site are from his day to day life in the store and the people he works with.


Good job to the cast and crew of Third Watch. Excellent work on bringing the WTC incident to the family we enjoy every Moonday nite.


Tony Hawk 3 To Be Gamespy Powered

Core Magazine has posted more info on the upcoming internet capabilities of Tony Hawk 3. Gamespy will be handling player matching and online meetings of up to 4 players online.

The internet adapter for the PS2 has been delayed until next year, but apparently a few sites have been able to connect via USB Ethernet […]

New Rogue Screens

Rogue Leader might be the first game that I’ve ever preordered that I don’t have some worries about. No matter how many times I see it, it looks awesome. The jump to 128-bits did wonders for this game. These pics are absolutely amazing.

You Got Email From Who?

Wow. Just leaving at that. Wow…

Behind The Monsters

Very interesting article up on Computer Graphics World covering some of the trial and tribulations that the crew of Monsters,Inc. went thought to give Scully his hair and Boo her T-shirt. Very cool sounding stuff.

It gets a little technical, but you should be able to get through it will little confusion.


GCN Launch List

FGN has posted the final list of Gamecube games that should be ready for launch:

Luigi’s Mansion Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 Wave Race: Blue Storm Super Monkey Ball SSX Tricky Madden NFL 2002 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 NFL Blitz 2002 NHL Hitz 2002 All-Star Baseball 2002 NFL Quarterback Club 2002 […]

Whatcha Gonna Do?

Little word up on Dark Horizons that Sony has hired the writers of Arnold’s Sixth Day to pen the script to Bad Boys 2. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Mike Lowry and Co. on the big screen soon.

PS2 Internet Delayed

IGN is reporting that the manual for the boxed version of Tony Hawk 3 mentions that the PS2 Internet adapter is being delayed until spring 2002. Nothing official from Sony, but considering THPS3 was supposed to offer large amounts of online modes, I imagine they were one of the first to know.

The game will […]

Sony at X01?

Heh. This is kinda funny. According to FGN, Sony kinda snuck their way into the recent Xbox show, X01, in Europe. Apparently the hotel that was housing guest to the show has small white billboards on them. On the billboards were the words “Just Pretend I’m not Here” and a small PS2 logo.

Very nice, […]


Um. Yeah. Sure. Whatever.


If you were even remotely interested in ATV : Off-Road Fury for the PS2, then you’ll want to check out SplashDown. Take away the 4 wheelers and replace them with JetSkis and you get the picture.

I just heard the game is final (gone gold) and is scheduled to ship mid next month.


MGS2 TGS Vid In English

Looking for the TGS trailer, but in English? Look no further. Check out page for all sorts of goodies.

Unreal On Gamecube?

Interesting post up at Gamecube 101. Aparently the newest issue of ‘Total Gamer’ out in Canada has a little piece mentioning that “Digital Extremes out of Waterloo, ON is working on a first-person shooter” for the Gamecube. For you Xbox heads out there, this is the same company working on Unreal Championship, the Xbox exclusive […]

Anna And Bond? – [UPDATE]

Didn’t think they could top Denise Richards in the last Bond flick? Think again…

[UPDATE : Shot down…]

What Leaving Your PC and Gamecube Together Will Get You

Kinda weird looking at first, but a very interesting idea. Please make an Xbox version 🙂

New MGS2 Vid

Anxious for Metal Gear 2? This will prolly make things worse 🙂

Wolfenstein Update

Mucho cool info up atAchtung Wolfenstein! about the “Top 10 Wolfenstein Revelations”, 10 things never known about the game until now.

#9 Das Boot for Team Killers This feature wasn’t in, but Activision described a new feature aimed at curbing team killers. Once someone kills another on his team, the victim gets a chance […]


Curious as to what the PS2 version of VF4 is going to look like? Head over to They have a few pics from the Pre-TGS, as well as a look at some of the PS2 features.

Gamecube Prorder Info

Planet GameCube has posted updates on ordering from EB as well as the lack of preorders from Toys ‘R’ Us.

I’m still deciding what to do with Gamecube. I really want one, but I already have a $500 Xbox bundle to pay for. I might knock it back to a Christmas Wishlist item, but ya […]