Jackie Chan Saved By A Delay

I heard about this on the radio this morning…

Jackie Chan has indicated that he had been scheduled to shoot scenes for his film Nosebleed at the World Trade Center on the morning of last week’s attacks but that filming was canceled because of a late script. Chan told the Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily News, “Filming was scheduled to have taken place at 7:00 a.m. last Tuesday morning, and as I had to be at the top of one of the towers for one of the scenes, I would probably have died if the shooting had gone ahead as planned.” He added: “Well, I guess my time is not up yet.” The film concerns a WTC window washer (played by Chan) who becomes involved in a terrorist plot to blow up the statue of liberty. An MGM spokeswoman said last week that it was “too premature” to discuss how the script might be changed.

I heard that he was crying like a baby when he saw what was happening on the news that day. I can only imagine how many ‘close calls’ there were with people supposed to be either in the WTC or on a plane that crashed…

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