PAWTUCKET, R.I.##(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)##Sept. 5, 2001## There are robots and then there are ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) is bringing back the original theme that launched TRANSFORMERS in the early 1980s through television programming on Fox Kids, which will debut this Saturday (8:00 AM/ET), and an exciting product line now available on store shelves that has resulted in strong sales.

“TRANSFORMERS captivated the imaginations of millions of kids from its very beginning nearly 20 years ago,” said Brian Goldner, President of Hasbro’s U.S. toy group. “Through fresh, innovative product and programming, we are confident that a whole new generation of kids will embrace the excitement of TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.”

“Hasbro has done an excellent job of relaunching TRANSFORMERS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE,” said Jim Meyer, Senior Buyer of boys toys for KB Toys. “Sales of the new TRANSFORMERS line have been very strong since their debut in our stores last month.”

“TRANSFORMERS pioneered the ‘vehicle transformation’ category in the U.S. and kids continue to be endlessly fascinated with this kind of play experience,” said Chris Byrne, children’s lifestyle expert and independent toy analyst. “ROBOTS IN DISGUISE is a great story and early indications are that major retailers would also agree.”

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