Wolfenstein Chat

Achtung Wolfenstein! has posted a chat log from a recent Gamespy Arcade chat featuring the crew from Gray Matter Studios, currently working on Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

A few of the key points mentioned include:

  • There will be no Nazi Ninjas
  • The game should be out this year (assuming they meant this Christmas)
  • Storytelling is handled through cinematics, in-game cinematics, eavesdropping on conversations, and mission objectives screens.
  • You’ll travel to France, Germany, and Norway.
  • There will be no damage decals/skins on enemies.
  • Models in the game can be varied by swapping out different parts ##heads, hats, accessories, etc.

This one is high on my list as well. I might even have to push up that PC upgrade I have scheduled to check this one out.

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