GC Bundled At Toys ‘R’ Us

FGN reports that Toys ‘R’ Us is selling the Gamecube in bundles only.

Has everyone decided that bundles are the way to go? They say we pay less tax, but considereing taxes are based on the total anyhow, what does that effect? Shipping is based on pounds so nothing is there? I understand that this is what the retailers want, but what about the consumer? I’m now forced to buy things I might not want for the sake of a good deal? Did you happen to notice how many copies of Fantavision were on eBay after the PS2 launch? If you make is something that the consumer can customize that’s one thing, but considering most bundles force you to buy games you don’t want, you are forced to buy something in order to get something else. It would be like someone making you buy a sunroof and leather seats to buy any car. It’s no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Thumbs down in my book. $200+ for a console with a controller, wires, and a single controller is enough in my book. Don’t make me buy crap on top of it. Let me buy what I want. It’s called consumer freedom for a reason…

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