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Splitters 2

PS2 IGN has posted a first look at TimeSplitters 2. The first game was a little thin in the single player, but the multiplayer more than filled the Goldeneye void. Things are getting better for part 2 and I can hardly wait. Can you say flamethrower? There is even a heat effect, making the air […]

Custom GBA Light

Tired of squinting at your GBA because of it’s highly reflective screen? Well, hopefully Adam Curtis of can do something about that. He’s created a GBA forelight that looks really nice. Problem is, the thing is custom built. He’s working on finalizing some plans for the general public, but he’s pushing to have a […]

Rooby Rooby Roo!!!

Ain’t It Cool News has some early promo shots of Scooby and the gang from the upcoming Scobby Doo movie. I was initially disappointed with Scooby’s look, but after checking him a bit, I decide that he still looks like Scoob, but could pass as a real dog. I’m hoping this one is at least […]

Handheld Playstation

Core Magazine has snagged some pics and a video of a homemade handheld Playstation. The guy who made it has previously made a handheld Atari 2600, but converting a PS with the CD-Rom included as well as both Analog sticks is pretty amazing. A few pics and a video of the thing in motion are […]

Jackie Chan Saved By A Delay

I heard about this on the radio this morning…

Jackie Chan has indicated that he had been scheduled to shoot scenes for his film Nosebleed at the World Trade Center on the morning of last week’s attacks but that filming was canceled because of a late script. Chan told the Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily […]

Remote Control ER

Talk about “reach out and touch someone”. You’ve heard stories about future surgeries being done by doctors that are located elsewhere? We’ll it’s been done.

The procedure consisted of removing the gall bladder of a patient in Strasbourg, France. From New York, the surgeons controlled a robotic system manufactured by Computer Motion, Inc, to […]

Gamecube Exposed!

Lik Sang, a leading game exporter in Hong Kong, has ripped the top off of a Gamcube, so now you don’t have to. Check it out for a look under the hood of the Japanese GC.

Spiderman Trailer Pulled And Movie Possibly Delayed

From Infobeat: SPIDER-MAN TWIN TOWER TRAILERS SCRAPPED World Entertainment News Network##Next year’s must-see movie SPIDER-MAN has been forced to withdraw its trailer – which includes the tragic TWIN TOWERS.

Due to the terrorist events on Tuesday the scene featuring TOBEY MAGUIRE as the webbed hero, climbing a web between the two skyscrapers has been […]

GC/GBA Talking

Interesting read on Computer and Video covering the interaction between the Gamecube and GBA. It will be interesting to see how other companies approach this connectivity.

Wolfy Test Out Friday

From GameSpot:

Activision and id Software have announced to GameSpot that they will release a multiplayer compatibility test for their upcoming World War II-era horror action game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, this Friday. The test will include a single multiplayer map that will be featured in the first-person shooter, and it will be available for […]

Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Interview at XGR

X-Treme Gaming Radio has posted their interview with Chris Miller, Producer for Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza for Fox Interactive. There are 5 parts to the interview and they are in MP3 format. There are also five exclusive screenies available as well.

2K2 Frachise Pics

Gamespot has just posted pics for both NBA2K2 and NFL2K2 for the PS2. Looks like Sega and Visual Concepts have worked their magic yet again.

Xbox versions of both are planned, as is a Gamecube version of NBA2K2. Only the DC versions of each will have online support.


Wolfenstein Chat

Achtung Wolfenstein! has posted a chat log from a recent Gamespy Arcade chat featuring the crew from Gray Matter Studios, currently working on Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

A few of the key points mentioned include:

There will be no Nazi Ninjas The game should be out this year (assuming they meant this Christmas) […]

Random Hall Wired

Random Hall Bathroom Server and Random Hall Laundry have to to be considered some of the greatest uses of technology I’ve ever seen. Check to see if the stalls and dryers are free at MIT from the comfort of your computer desk.


PAWTUCKET, R.I.##(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)##Sept. 5, 2001## There are robots and then there are ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) is bringing back the original theme that launched TRANSFORMERS in the early 1980s through television programming on Fox Kids, which will debut this Saturday (8:00 AM/ET), and an exciting product line now available on store shelves that […]

GC Bundled At Toys ‘R’ Us

FGN reports that Toys ‘R’ Us is selling the Gamecube in bundles only.

Has everyone decided that bundles are the way to go? They say we pay less tax, but considereing taxes are based on the total anyhow, what does that effect? Shipping is based on pounds so nothing is there? I understand that this […]

Shenmue II Subtitled

Looks like I’ll be translating Shenmue 2.

FGN is reporting that Sega has decided that Shenmue 2 will not have English dialog, opting for Japanese dialog with English subtitles.

Sega explained, ?The dialog in the US version of Shenmue II will be entirely in Japanese with English subtitles. The decision comes in an effort […]

BNL in ‘NHL 2002’

Very, very, very cool.