Using Rogue Spear To Train Soldiers

Rogue Spear Trains U.S. Soldiers

The engine will enable the Department of Defense to train military personnel in how to conduct military operations in urban terrain. The engine will not be used for weapons training though. Instead the government wants to use the system to help hone decision-making skills at the small-unit level. It should be training military personnel within six months.

It says no weapons training, but I would imagine they are going to throw that in. With all the ‘concern’ over violent games and it’s effects on kids, I’m thinking that Ubi Soft doesn’t want it known that their game is being used by the government to train their killers…

This isn’t the first time something like this has been done. The Army (I think) actually had a crew MOD Doom so they could use it for similar training.

[UPDATE]Official Ubi Soft Press release[/UPDATE]

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