GC Delayed + Whole Lotta Pics And Vids @ IGN

Nintendo has delayed the US release of the GC by almost 2 weeks. According to IGN, Nintendo wanted to make sure that they had enough GCs to go around. At first it appeared that Nintendo was trying to sneak in front of Xbox launch by a few days, but now it appears that they will be about 10 days later.

Also, in related info, head over to IGN for a whole lotta GC info. They have video of both Mario Sunshine and the new Cell-shaded Zelda, pics of games and packaging, and hopes of more GC colors available for US launch. That last one is kinda wishfull thinking since the colors shown are for the Japanese launch, but if I can avoid a purple GC, I will…

[UPDATE] Just read over at PlanetGamecube that there will be 2 colors available at US launch: Black and Indigo. 350,000 of each will be available. Looks like my black PS2 and my black Xbox will have some dark company.[/UPDATE]

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