GBA Is Mine

Picked up my GBA last weekend and it’s great. I picked up Tony Hawk 2 and a Pelican Lite Shield and they both work great. The screen is reflective as all get out (one of the major complaints with the system), but with the light, things work great. I ordered a Mad Catz Power Station from, and it should be here anyday now.

I rented Zelda : Seasons and gave it a run on the GBA. It ran great and the stretched version worked pretty well, also. The GBA will run GB and GBC games, but since the screen is wider, you hit the shoulder buttons to jump from a streched version of the game (horizontally) and a verticle boxed version. Think of it as Widescreen expect the bars are on the side.

My wife tried out her fave, Tetris, and I think she’s hooked again.

Nice system and one I would recommend. Only one game for it right now, but I’ll be checking out some more in the future. I’ll have my eye out for a rental version of Dodgeball. I loved the NES version and actually have it laying around somewhere, but my NES is acting up. The local guy told me just to take it apart and look around. He said that fixing it would be more expensive than buying a refurb, so hopefully that will work.

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