NBA Street GC Has Some More Goodies

I recently rented NBA Street from the local Blockbuster (as opposed to my usual RedOctane and I was pretty impressed. Think NBA Jam with nice 3D graphics, NBA Allstars playing casual ball, with a bit of attitide and some SSX-like controls. A lot of fun and suprising depth.

I read this morning how EA was holding off on the Gamecube version until 2002 and was wondering why, but after hitting Cube.IGN, I’ve learned that it was a good thing. More players, more levels, and a whole lot more will be making the Nintendo console version. I’d check it out, but if you can wait ’til Spring 2002, then you might want to rent as opposed to buy.

One thought on “NBA Street GC Has Some More Goodies

  • Gary Smith says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the most recent Tide
    commercial? The singer says,”Take me home…to my family…..”
    It’s driving my crazy. Help!

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