FF Review By Kent

Steven Kent has posted his thoughts on Final Fantasy the movie over at MSNBC. The story also includes some history behind the movie and an interview with James Woods who voices General Hein in the movie.

Kent gives it an apparent thumbs up, but does mention that the movie struggles a bit.

Each movie has its own raison d?etre. You don?t go to Steven Seagal movies for humor or James Bond movies for lucid storylines. The reason to see ?Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,? a state-of-the-art computer-graphics animation movie being released Wednesday, is the same reason you go to an IMAX movie ? to be dazzled by big-screen sights and sounds that are otherwise nearly impossible to imagine.

I plan on hitting the movie this weekend and am sure I will enjoy it for the graphics, but I’m hoping the plot doesn’t sputter either.

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