PS2 FF:The Movie DVD Planned

Finally. Someone is taking advantage of the PS2 being a DVD player AND a game machine. Gamespot is reporting that Final Fantasy the Movie will be out in 2 flavors when it comes out on DVD early next year. A regular DVD version will be available, but a special PS2 version will have a few goodies. One of them mentioned was the ability to manipulate the camera in a few scenes.

There will be two different sets of products,” Aida explained. “For the PS2 DVD release, we will do some scenes using real-time rendering, where you will have the interactive ability to change the camera angles. So, you can sort of have your own version of the film, with your own camera positions.”

It would be nice if a standard could be reached so that more companies could make console based DVDs for both the Xbox and the PS2, but hopefully this won’t be the last.

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