Hoverboard At Home

One of the most memorable moments in Back to the Future II is the hoverboard scene. Flying around the town with a wheel-less skateboard attached to your feet has always been a sorta dream for BTTF fans.

Criterion Studios is apparently letting you do it, at least in game form. PS2.IGN has posted a preview, pics, and a few movies of this game and it’s starting to look very interesting. They dumped the TrickStyle like course based systems, and have gone to a more open area approach.

If the controls and gameplay catch up with the looks, then this will be one to watch for.

Gamecube Numbers Set

Nintendo is planning on having 1.1 million Gamecubes ready on Nov 5 for the North American launch. 500k will be ready for Japan with a prokmised 900k in Japan by Christmas. Japan will only have the color purple to choose from when launch day hits, but GameSpot seems to think that the USA will be stuck with the Barney flavored box as well. More colors are planned, but no word on when they will be available.

Lara Gets Gritty

PS2.IGN’s rumors report is saying that Lara will be getting a lot grittier on the PS2. According to their report, Lara hit rock bottom after her death (go figure). She’s broke and hooked on drugs. She’s eventaully picked up by some spied who pick her up and get her beck into shape.

Gameplay is reportedly going the way of Metal Gear since the classic TR interface is getting stale.

All of this is rumors, but it might be what Edios needs to do to get her back in front of the gaming pack.

You Want DVD With That?

Planet GameCube reports that the silver Matsushita version of the Gamecube shown at E3 will set Japanese gamers back about $315 dollars.

Added DVD and a few other features for about the same as a PS2 or a Xbox. Since I will have DVD playback in my other 2 consoles, unless there is somethine else in there worth the extra $100, I don’t think I’ll be springing for the chrome version.

Hopefully more info will be available at Spaceworld in August.

Sega + Nintendo = SegaNet For The Gamecube?

Interesting little tid-bit over atTendo Box. They seem to think that Nintendo and Sega are going to announce that Seganet will be the official Nintendo network. They are expecting something official at Spaceworld. N64 Magazine reportedly claims that Sega and Nintendo will have a joint stand at Spaceworld for a combined game. While I know that a S/N game is in the works, it would be interesting if it would be a networked one. Imagine a Phantasy Star Online in the Mario or Zelda world…

Gamecube Pieces Tagged

Cube.ign has posted a list of announced Gamecube periphs at their site. The ‘net adaptors are still missing and the prices are based off of the Japanese annoucement, but they should be pretty accurate. Nintendo also said that the S-Video and A/V cables from the N64 and NES should work for the GC. Thanks Nintendo. Nice to know that I’ll only have to spend $780 that week for my Gamecube and Xbox instead of the previous $800 🙂

NBA Street GC Has Some More Goodies

I recently rented NBA Street from the local Blockbuster (as opposed to my usual RedOctane and I was pretty impressed. Think NBA Jam with nice 3D graphics, NBA Allstars playing casual ball, with a bit of attitide and some SSX-like controls. A lot of fun and suprising depth.

I read this morning how EA was holding off on the Gamecube version until 2002 and was wondering why, but after hitting Cube.IGN, I’ve learned that it was a good thing. More players, more levels, and a whole lot more will be making the Nintendo console version. I’d check it out, but if you can wait ’til Spring 2002, then you might want to rent as opposed to buy.

Metroid In Bad Shape

Things are running so good for Retro Studios right now and that means things aren’t going too well for Metroid. According to Cube.IGN, a couple of people that have seen the game up and running say that they aren’t impressed and that the games “sucked”. Hopefully Nintendo can make Retro miracles or they might just have to pull the project back in house.

Nintendo And It’s Seattle Ties

Interesting article in on Japan Today talking about the history and outcome of Nintendo buying the Seattle Mariners. For those who don’t know, Howard Lincoln left the Nintendo offices to become the chairman and chief executive of the Mariners. If you think Nintendo is only about games and Pokemon, then you might want to check this article out.

Nintendo has a very interesting history and one that many would find interesting. Game Over Press Start To Continue is a great history lesson on the former playing card making company and one tat I would highly recommend to just about anyone.

Indiana To The Rescue

From Infobeat:

Ford rescues missing Wyo. hiker
JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) – Harrison Ford starred in a search-and-rescue sequel for a missing Boy Scout in a forest just south of Yellowstone National Park. The actor, a part-time Jackson resident who offers his flying skills and helicopter for rescue missions, joined a search for a missing Utah Boy Scout who had wandered off a trail Monday and spent a cold night alone in the secluded forest, said the Teton County Sheriff’s Office in Wyoming. After two hours of flying, Ford and another searcher found 13-year-old Cody Clawson, clad in a T-shirt, shorts and sandals, about 10 miles from a Boy Scout camp at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. He landed nearby to whisk the soggy, cold, tired and hungry scout to safety. “Boy, you sure must have earned a merit badge for this one,” said Ford, who turns 59 this week. Clawson survived the rainy night by taking cover under a rock outcropping.

I don’t know the guy personally, but Harrison just seems to be one of the nicest guys you can meet. That is if you forget the whole “What Lies Beneath” thing…

FF Review By Kent

Steven Kent has posted his thoughts on Final Fantasy the movie over at MSNBC. The story also includes some history behind the movie and an interview with James Woods who voices General Hein in the movie.

Kent gives it an apparent thumbs up, but does mention that the movie struggles a bit.

Each movie has its own raison d?etre. You don?t go to Steven Seagal movies for humor or James Bond movies for lucid storylines. The reason to see ?Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,? a state-of-the-art computer-graphics animation movie being released Wednesday, is the same reason you go to an IMAX movie ? to be dazzled by big-screen sights and sounds that are otherwise nearly impossible to imagine.

I plan on hitting the movie this weekend and am sure I will enjoy it for the graphics, but I’m hoping the plot doesn’t sputter either.

Working On Some Stuff…

Well, I’ve been getting around to some of the stuff that I wanted to work on. I have my redesign almost complete and I even have gotten my Forums up. I’m adding a few things to the forums and still getting used to it, but it’s ready and welcome for some conversations. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site or the phorums, be sure to email me.

I’m hoping to update a little more often. When I read something of interest, I sometimes forget to pass it along to you, but I will try a little better now 🙂