A Little Wave Race Competition From The ATV Off Road Fury Folks

CVG has a good story and new pics of Rainbow Studios’ upcoming jet ski game SplashDown. The PS2 titles is looking very good and consider the last titles out of the company was ATV Offroad Fury, a very highly recommended game, then it should both look and play like a dream.

The VP of Infogrames (the games publisher) Mickael Sportouch has some interesting things to say about the titles.

?I?m sure you will compare Wave Race and Splashdown. We think the products are different, it?s not the same philosophy behind the product. Wave Race is a very arcadey, but a great product visually and in terms of gameplay. We think our product is different and has much more depth.?


?The idea was to create as realistic a physics model as possible that?s how we start all of our games at Rainbow, but sometimes it?s not as fun to play a pure simulation, so we take it and move it a little bit back towards arcade,? states Jordan. ?Move the Seedoo around on the water and it creates a wake and ripples and behaves exactly how you?d expect it to behave. The rider and Seedoo have separate physics models, so shifting the rider?s position on the Seedoo changes the centre of gravity,? he adds.


?On a real Seedoo when you?re gunning the throttle, you can?t turn unless you?re accelerating,? explains Jordan. ?In this game we wanted to make it a little more enjoyable for players, achieve that balance between realism and arcade fun so you can turn when you?re not accelerating,? he clarifies.

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