While the post doesn’t deal with the game itself, a Planet GameCube is reporting that Joanna Dark might be making her way to the little and big screen. Fireworks Entertainment and Goodman Rosen Prods. have snagged the rights to TV and Movie version of Joanna.

The Cube watchers would be more interested in the last line of the release though:

Rare is currently developing a “Perfect Dark” sequel, slated for a fall 2002 release on the Gamecube console.

All that has been seen of Perfect Dark was a GC render at the TGS. GameSpot did chase down Ken Lobb at E3 to ask about Perfect Dark Zero, a title that appeared while doing a search for “E3” on the Nintendo site. Lobb replied “It’s out there. We’re making it. No one will be disappointed.” Hopefully PDZ will make an appearance at SpaceWorld.