Sega And Sony Team Up

Sega seems to be buddying up with everyone these days. According to a article, Sega and Sony are allowing their systems to ‘talk’ online. The article mentioned that “Sega will create versions of its online games, including a sequel to the popular role-playing game ‘Phantasy Star Online,’ for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and the PC. Players will then be able to compete via the Internet regardless of which system they use.”

While not terribly suprising considering the DC is pretty much dead, but still interesting non the less. Imagine how much nicer the gaming world would be if someone would create a game for all of the systems and allow them all to ‘talk’. No more buying a system just for that certain game. While PC to console games have been discussed and have actually been released (Quake 3 for the DC was supposed to support this feature, but I don’t think it’s been implemented), connecting 2 different brands of consoles is a new idea. Hopefully the other console makers will pick up on this and run with it.

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