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Disney Sports In The Works

Disney is doing sports? According to the fellas over at PlanetGameCube, they are. Apparently even though EA is keeping quite, the word on the net is that Disney is working on a line of sports games featuring their characters. A pic of Donald in hockey gear has been shown and Mickey Mouse is reportedly playing […]

Gameboy Sewing

Need a new way to sew? How about Sim Seamstress? Then check IZEK out.

Dodgeball 3D?

If you thought a GBA version of the classic NES Dodgeball was great, then check this out.

Apparently IRD1 is working on a PS2 version of Dodgeball. the electric playground has an early preview of the game and a whole lotta info on it as well. I’ll be watching this one…


A Little Wave Race Competition From The ATV Off Road Fury Folks

CVG has a good story and new pics of Rainbow Studios’ upcoming jet ski game SplashDown. The PS2 titles is looking very good and consider the last titles out of the company was ATV Offroad Fury, a very highly recommended game, then it should both look and play like a dream.

The VP of Infogrames […]

Sega Smash Pack on GBA

Tendo Box is reporting that Sega recently acknowledged that a Smash Pack for the GBA is in the works. A DC version was recently released to classic gamers glee, but a handheld version should do very well since the games fit more into the GB class of titles. Golden Axe and Streets Of Rage have […]

Sega Sports On Gamecube

Things are looking better for Nintendo in the sports world according to a post on FGN. NFL 2K2 is on its way to the Cube followed closely by basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and hockey games. Considering that the sports arena has always seemed a little thin for Nintendo, this should help them greatly.

Homer Makes It Legit

From Infobeat

Homer Simpson phrase in dictionary OXFORD, England (AP) – Homer Simpson with an English accent? Don’t laugh – the beer-guzzling cartoon dad has hit the literary big-time. His favorite phrase has made it into the erudite Oxford English Dictionary. The OED’s online edition defines Homer’s trademark “doh!,” usually accompanied by a Simpsonesque slap […]

IBM Jumps Ship

According to a BBC News report, IBM will be making the processors for the PS3 (or whatever they decide to call it). Toshiba built the PS2 chip (The Emotion Engine), but IBM will handle round 3.

The chip is to be developed in Austin, Texas and manufactured at a new $3 Billion plant in […]

The Mario Twins

If you know anything about the original Nintendo and spent even a little time with the ‘included cartridge’, then make sure you check this out.

While the post doesn’t deal with the game itself, a Planet GameCube is reporting that Joanna Dark might be making her way to the little and big screen. Fireworks Entertainment and Goodman Rosen Prods. have snagged the rights to TV and Movie version of Joanna.

The Cube watchers would be more interested in the last […]

System Wars 2001

If you consider yourself a gamer, then head over to The GIA for a ‘System Wars 2001’ summary. It’s an in depth look at what gaming is going to be about in the remainder of 2001.

GC Launch List

Cube.IGN has posted a list of GC games that are going to be available at launch. Wave Race, Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, NBA Courtside, Rogue Squadron 2? Geez. Can you give my wallet a breather?

Mario Sunshine?

CVG and other sources are beginning to specualte about the rumored Mario title(s) that are in the works for the Cube. Shigeru Miyamoto hinted that the new Mario game and Zelda would be making an appearance at Nintendo Spaceworld later this year.

A search on the Nintendo E3 site revealed 2 Mario links, 100 Marios […]

Sega And Sony Team Up

Sega seems to be buddying up with everyone these days. According to a article, Sega and Sony are allowing their systems to ‘talk’ online. The article mentioned that “Sega will create versions of its online games, including a sequel to the popular role-playing game ‘Phantasy Star Online,’ for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and the […]