Disney Sports In The Works

Disney is doing sports? According to the fellas over at PlanetGameCube, they are. Apparently even though EA is keeping quite, the word on the net is that Disney is working on a line of sports games featuring their characters. A pic of Donald in hockey gear has been shown and Mickey Mouse is reportedly playing basketball.

If EA does this, it could be a very, very cool series.

A Little Wave Race Competition From The ATV Off Road Fury Folks

CVG has a good story and new pics of Rainbow Studios’ upcoming jet ski game SplashDown. The PS2 titles is looking very good and consider the last titles out of the company was ATV Offroad Fury, a very highly recommended game, then it should both look and play like a dream.

The VP of Infogrames (the games publisher) Mickael Sportouch has some interesting things to say about the titles.

?I?m sure you will compare Wave Race and Splashdown. We think the products are different, it?s not the same philosophy behind the product. Wave Race is a very arcadey, but a great product visually and in terms of gameplay. We think our product is different and has much more depth.?


?The idea was to create as realistic a physics model as possible that?s how we start all of our games at Rainbow, but sometimes it?s not as fun to play a pure simulation, so we take it and move it a little bit back towards arcade,? states Jordan. ?Move the Seedoo around on the water and it creates a wake and ripples and behaves exactly how you?d expect it to behave. The rider and Seedoo have separate physics models, so shifting the rider?s position on the Seedoo changes the centre of gravity,? he adds.


?On a real Seedoo when you?re gunning the throttle, you can?t turn unless you?re accelerating,? explains Jordan. ?In this game we wanted to make it a little more enjoyable for players, achieve that balance between realism and arcade fun so you can turn when you?re not accelerating,? he clarifies.

Homer Makes It Legit

From Infobeat

Homer Simpson phrase in dictionary
OXFORD, England (AP) – Homer Simpson with an English accent? Don’t laugh – the beer-guzzling cartoon dad has hit the literary big-time. His favorite phrase has made it into the erudite Oxford English Dictionary. The OED’s online edition defines Homer’s trademark “doh!,” usually accompanied by a Simpsonesque slap to the forehead, as “expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned or that one has just said or done something foolish. Also implying that another person has said or done something foolish.” It’s one of 1,250 new or revised entries published Thursday on the OED Web site. They’ll all be added to the next edition of the print dictionary, but its publication is years away.

Nice to see that the word that is used by so many is now legit 🙂

IBM Jumps Ship

According to a BBC News report, IBM will be making the processors for the PS3 (or whatever they decide to call it). Toshiba built the PS2 chip (The Emotion Engine), but IBM will handle round 3.

The chip is to be developed in Austin, Texas and manufactured at a new $3 Billion plant in East Fishkill, New York. The chip could possibly find it’s way into computer products and will reportedly be more powerful than Deep Blue, the chess playing computer who bear Garry Kasparov is 1997.

The new chip should start production in 2004.

Note: IBM developed the Nintendo Gamecube processor, dubbed Gekko.

While the post doesn’t deal with the game itself, a Planet GameCube is reporting that Joanna Dark might be making her way to the little and big screen. Fireworks Entertainment and Goodman Rosen Prods. have snagged the rights to TV and Movie version of Joanna.

The Cube watchers would be more interested in the last line of the release though:

Rare is currently developing a “Perfect Dark” sequel, slated for a fall 2002 release on the Gamecube console.

All that has been seen of Perfect Dark was a GC render at the TGS. GameSpot did chase down Ken Lobb at E3 to ask about Perfect Dark Zero, a title that appeared while doing a search for “E3” on the Nintendo site. Lobb replied “It’s out there. We’re making it. No one will be disappointed.” Hopefully PDZ will make an appearance at SpaceWorld.

Mario Sunshine?

CVG and other sources are beginning to specualte about the rumored Mario title(s) that are in the works for the Cube. Shigeru Miyamoto hinted that the new Mario game and Zelda would be making an appearance at Nintendo Spaceworld later this year.

A search on the Nintendo E3 site revealed 2 Mario links, 100 Marios and Sunshine Mario. The 100 Mario is thought to refer to the tech demo given at last years at Space world while Sunshine Mario is thought to be the titled of the upcoming game. No confirmation from Nintendo on either, so it’s the usual waiting game.

Sega And Sony Team Up

Sega seems to be buddying up with everyone these days. According to a CNET.com article, Sega and Sony are allowing their systems to ‘talk’ online. The article mentioned that “Sega will create versions of its online games, including a sequel to the popular role-playing game ‘Phantasy Star Online,’ for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and the PC. Players will then be able to compete via the Internet regardless of which system they use.”

While not terribly suprising considering the DC is pretty much dead, but still interesting non the less. Imagine how much nicer the gaming world would be if someone would create a game for all of the systems and allow them all to ‘talk’. No more buying a system just for that certain game. While PC to console games have been discussed and have actually been released (Quake 3 for the DC was supposed to support this feature, but I don’t think it’s been implemented), connecting 2 different brands of consoles is a new idea. Hopefully the other console makers will pick up on this and run with it.