Seattle Battle has a good article covering the Battle In Seattle between Microsoft and Nintendo.

There’s something about the Nintendo campus that just heaves with secrecy. Its whitewashed buildings with black-tinted windows, closely shrouded by trees, seem more like Langley, Va., than suburban Seattle. Even if you sneak in, you won’t find Nintendo’s powerful new video-game console, the GameCube, in any of the display cases. Nor will you hear the staff speak the names of the games that will be released for it. “We’ve said the right amount on GameCube, which is nothing,” chuckles the sagelike executive vice president Peter Main. “We’ve got our friends across the road saying, ‘What are they doing?'”

If your friends across the road were Microsoft, you would try to fly under the radar too. A five-minute drive down Highway 520, Bill Gates’ guys are beavering away on their own powerful new video-game console, the Xbox. Partly because Microsoft is the new kid on this particular block, its approach to publicity##it’s dropping $500 million this year on Xbox advertising##is a little different. The staff here can’t wait to thrust a green-and-black Xbox into your hands, show off dozens of cool games##and loudly taunt the game spooks up the road. “Let’s face it, Nintendo’s system is for kids,” says Robbie Bach, Xbox’s gruff-voiced team leader. “We’re for sophisticated gamers. I don’t know any 30-year-olds who want a GameCube.”

Go check it out.

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