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PS2 Add-Ons

GameSpot has pics of the recently announced broad/narrow band network connector and the hard drive for the PS2. Check out the network connector here and the hard drive here.

The network adapter will be $40 bucks. No price has been set for the 40GB hard drive. All of the accessories will be out in November.


Tekken 4 Char Pics

The last few years appear to have been less than kind to the crew from Tekken. The Magic Box has grabbed a character pics of some of the fighters and it ain’t pretty. Most of them are familiar, but there is one new face.

Crazy Taxi Advance?

Sega Dojo has started an interesting rumor. Neither Nintendo or Sega has commented on the game, but after digging through some press materials, they found news that Sega is bringing Crazy Taxi to the Game Boy Advance. While it won’t be the same graphically, it would make for a great portable game.

Nothing official, but […]

Thanks Goodness Things Went Good At E3

Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo recently held an interview with Japanese business paper The Nihon Keizai Shimbun. In the interview, Yamauchi confirms the rumors that Gamecube would have been delayed if the E3 showing had not gone well. He also is quoted as saying “Unless the business(Internet games) proves profitable, Nintendo will not be involved […]

Stuntman Xbox Bound

FGN is reporting that Stuntman is coming to the Xbox in winter of 2002. Reflections is also planning on working on another Driver title in the future.

Gamecube Price Set

GameSpot is reporting a $199 price tag with $50 required for games. More info is expected on May 24.

Twisted Internet

Twisted Metal Black won’t be online. BUT, PS2.IGN is reporting that Sony will be releasing an add-on pack later on this year that will allow you to play TM:B online.

No details have been given yet, but it is know that you will have to have the original Twisted Metal : Black in order to […]

Mario Is Cubing!

FGN has also confirmed that Mario is on his way to the GC as well. Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed it at an E3 press conference.

“Hopefully I?ll be able to show you something this summer.”

Miyamoto went on to explain that the game will be different to what fans of the intriguingly moustachioed plumber are […]

Splitters 2 In The Works

Time Splitters 2 is in the works. According to FGN, it is ‘expected to expand on the original and include new modes of play the first was acclaimed for.’ My friends and family greatly enjoy the original and will prolly do the same for the sequel 🙂

Perfect Dark Confirmed…Sort Of…

GameSpot also ran down Ken Lobb of Nintendo and asked him about the new Perfect Dark. His response?

“It’s out there. We’re making it. No one will be disappointed.”

That’s enough for me.

Gamecube Game List

GameSpot has compiled a list of all the games for the Gamecube. Here it is:

Acclaim 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker – 2001 All-Star Baseball 2002 & 2003 – 2001/2002 Crazy Taxi – 2001 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 – 2002 Extreme-G 3 – November 2001 Jeremy McGrath Supercross World – 2002 Legends of Wrestling […]

November Is Going To Be A BIG Month

According to this MSNBC article by Steve Kent, the Gamecube will be coming out on Nov 5. That’s right. Gamecube on Monday. Xbox on Thursday. Time to start saving that money.

Donkey Kong Racing Vid

Computer and Video Games has also posted a video from Donkey Kong Racing. While the movie appears to be an intro, the game does appear to be a whole lotta fun. Instead of cart, boat, or plane racing a la Diddy, the supporting characters from the Donkey Kong Country series is now the mode of […]

PS2 Internet And Hard Drive Details

Well Rounded Entertainment has first word on the E3 Network adapter. Apparently the adapter will support both dialup and broadband connections. The adapter will hit in November and will cost $39.95.

Sony is also giving the PS2 a hard drive. According to the article, it appears that the HD will mainly be used for community […]

Britney Game Bound

This is London is reporting early info on the Britney Spears game. Apparently Britney has signed a deal with Sony. No details as of yet, but this could be the resurgance of games with singers and entertainers starring. Diva or Alive 3 anyone?

Starfox GC Media

Computer and Video Games has gotten their hands on Starfox for Gamecube footage. Apparently Rare has taken the Starfox team and placed them in the Dinosaur Planet world. Must watch.

Xbox Tagged

ZDNet is reporting a $299.99 price tag and a Nov. 8, 2001 launch date for the Xbox. No ‘official word yet tho.

Guess Who’s Back

The GodGames E3 page has been covering new games for the entire week. Todays game features an old friend.

That expression on his face seriously reminds me of The Rock. I have a pretty good feeling that he’ll be playing Duke in the movie. Who else could play the part? No one.


Gaming Movie Article

New Jersey Online has an interesting article on movies based on games. With ‘Final Fantasy’ and “Tomb Radier’ coming out this summer, hopefully flops like ‘Mario Bros.’ and ‘Double Dragon’ will be forgotten.

Sony And AOL To Bring PS2 Online

According to, Sony is going with AOL to bring ‘Net access to PS2.

Under the agreement, AOL and Sony will work together to combine AOL Internet features such as instant messaging, chat and e-mail with PlayStation. Sony will provide the network adapter for PlayStation that will let consumers access AOL Internet features and play […]