PS2 Add-Ons

GameSpot has pics of the recently announced broad/narrow band network connector and the hard drive for the PS2. Check out the network connector here and the hard drive here.

The network adapter will be $40 bucks. No price has been set for the 40GB hard drive. All of the accessories will be out in November.

Crazy Taxi Advance?

Sega Dojo has started an interesting rumor. Neither Nintendo or Sega has commented on the game, but after digging through some press materials, they found news that Sega is bringing Crazy Taxi to the Game Boy Advance. While it won’t be the same graphically, it would make for a great portable game.

Nothing official, but interesting anyhow.

Thanks Goodness Things Went Good At E3

Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo recently held an interview with Japanese business paper The Nihon Keizai Shimbun. In the interview, Yamauchi confirms the rumors that Gamecube would have been delayed if the E3 showing had not gone well. He also is quoted as saying “Unless the business(Internet games) proves profitable, Nintendo will not be involved in Internet games.” Interesting to hear considering that Sega is developing Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Cube.

I think that Nintendo will personally hold out on developing online games until they see whether or not consoles can fare well online. I think that the Cube will be online long before Nintendo themselves are.

Head over to Computer and Video for the rest of the interview.

Twisted Internet

Twisted Metal Black won’t be online. BUT, PS2.IGN is reporting that Sony will be releasing an add-on pack later on this year that will allow you to play TM:B online.

No details have been given yet, but it is know that you will have to have the original Twisted Metal : Black in order to use it. It will probably function like the Grand Theft Auto add on pack. With it, you started the game with the add on pack and then swapped the original in to play. Kinda annoying, but if it will allow me to play online, I don’t care. Hopefully there will be an option to allow you to load it on the hard drive.

The current title for the add-on is Twisted Metal Online.

Mario Is Cubing!

FGN has also confirmed that Mario is on his way to the GC as well. Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed it at an E3 press conference.

“Hopefully I?ll be able to show you something this summer.”

Miyamoto went on to explain that the game will be different to what fans of the intriguingly moustachioed plumber are used to. In order to maintain appeal with an audience that has grown up with the franchise, the gaming guru explained that Mario’s design needs to “grow up.” Would Mario be able to carry a railgun? From that last pitiable suggestion, you’ve probably already concluded that no more details were given.

I had a feeling that the big ‘N’ was holding back a few big games for Space World.

Gamecube Game List

GameSpot has compiled a list of all the games for the Gamecube. Here it is:

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker – 2001
All-Star Baseball 2002 & 2003 – 2001/2002
Crazy Taxi – 2001
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 – 2002
Extreme-G 3 – November 2001
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World – 2002
Legends of Wrestling – 2001
NFL Quarterback Club 2002 – 2001
Turok Evolution – 2002

Spider-Man Movie – 2002
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 – 2003

Powerpuff Girls – 2002

Electronic Arts
Madden NFL 2002 – 2001
SSX Extreme – 2002

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II – 2001

NFL Blitz 20-02 – 2001
NHL Hitz 20-02 – 2001

Animal Forrest – TBA
Diddy Kong Racing – TBA
Eternal Darkness – Dec 2001
Kameo: Elements of Power – 2002
Legend of Zelda – TBA
Luigi’s Mansion – Nov 2001
Mario Kart for GameCube – TBA
Metroid Prime – TBA
Mickey for GameCube – TBA
NBA Courtside 2002 – Nov 2001
Pikmin – Dec 2001
Raven Blade – 2002
StarFox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet – Nov 2001
Super Smash Bros. Melee – Nov 2001
Waverace Blue Storm – 2001

Monkey Ball – 2002
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 – 2001

Hot Wheels (working title) – 2002
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius – 2002
Rugrats (working title) – 2002
Scooby-Doo (working title) – 2002
Tetris Worlds – 2002

Batman – 2001
Donald Duck – 2002
Largo Winch – 2002
Rogue Spear – 2001
Rayman Tribe – 2002
Rally Simulation – 2002
Tarzan – 2002

Looks like it is being supported a lot more than people thought.

Donkey Kong Racing Vid

Computer and Video Games has also posted a video from Donkey Kong Racing. While the movie appears to be an intro, the game does appear to be a whole lotta fun. Instead of cart, boat, or plane racing a la Diddy, the supporting characters from the Donkey Kong Country series is now the mode of transportation. Bees for flying, rhinos for ground racing, and swordfish for water. Very cool concept and a nice change from all the cart racing wanna-bes.

PS2 Internet And Hard Drive Details

Well Rounded Entertainment has first word on the E3 Network adapter. Apparently the adapter will support both dialup and broadband connections. The adapter will hit in November and will cost $39.95.

Sony is also giving the PS2 a hard drive. According to the article, it appears that the HD will mainly be used for community based things as opposed to game storage. Internet access will also be available thru a Netscape browser.

The PS2 will also have Macromedia’s Flash Player and RealNetworks Real Media Player support and Cisco is teaming with Sony to create a new Internet Protocol specifically for the PS2.

Sony And AOL To Bring PS2 Online

According to, Sony is going with AOL to bring ‘Net access to PS2.

Under the agreement, AOL and Sony will work together to combine AOL Internet features such as instant messaging, chat and e-mail with PlayStation. Sony will provide the network adapter for PlayStation that will let consumers access AOL Internet features and play Net-enabled games.

The two companies also will work together on interactive game projects including incorporating high-speed technologies and the development of a Netscape browser in the PlayStation console. Additional hardware including a hard-disk drive, liquid-crystal display (LCD), keyboard and mouse will be offered to help customers access the new features. The new products are slated to be available by the end of the year.

While not known for being ‘game friendly’, AOl does have a major network and should be able to pull something like this off. Hopefully this will start to rev up PS2 online gaming.