Steven Kent ON FF:The Movie

Steven Kent has finally given his quick review on the current status of the Final Fantasy Movie. The story covers both the movie and it’s short (and somewhat bumpy) history.

THE WORLD knows Square Soft for its hugely successful Final Fantasy role-playing games. Worldwide, Square Soft has sold a combined 26 million copies of its nine Final Fantasy titles.
The gaming world knows Final Fantasy as an amalgam of science fiction and fantasy in which heroes use guns, swords, elemental spirits and magic.
This summer, however, Square is going to turn a few heads by releasing a Final Fantasy that is a movie, not a game, set in a purely science fiction world.
Set for release on July 13 by Columbia/Tristar Pictures, ?Final Fantasy? appears to be one of the hottest box office prospects of the summer.

Head over to MSNBC for the rest of the article

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