Sammo To Direct Coul Caliber Movie

Sammo News is reporting that the former Jackie Chan schoolmate is directing the Soul Caliber movie. Here’s the scoop:

Hollywood Sammo – This Time Official!
It’s official##Sammo will be directing “Soul Calibur”, based on Namco’s video game. Namco is the company that brought us Pac-Man and Tekken (among other games). There isn’t much information available yet since the agreement between the producers and Namco was signed on March 29, 2001, but the budget will be around $50 million US! With its medieval setting, shooting locations will probably be Eastern Europe and China. The film will probably have an international cast to reflect the global popularity of the game. Hopefully this film will get Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao involved in some capacity##a reunion of sorts. And of course this is what fans have been dying for all along. Rhythm & Hues will more than likely be the CG effects house for the project because of their relationship with Namco. Shooting is planned for late Summer/early Fall 2001. US release planned for Summer 2002. More news on this later. (you can check out and the Rhythm & Hues site for more info, as well at:

If anyone can do it, Sammo can. Maybe a Jackie Cameo?

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