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Does this sonund like it will last

This sounds more like a practicle joke than anything. Got it off of Infobeat.

Newhart to star with Sisqo in pilot LOS ANGELES (Launch) – Comic icon Bob Newhart has signed onto play, well, a comic icon in the new NBC pilot project starring hip-hop giant Sisqo. The network announced Wednesday that the still-untitled show […]

Eidos announces Deus Ex GOTY Edition

EidosInteractive has announced the Game Of The Year Edition of Deus Ex, the game that caught everyone by storm last year. This game had the same effect that Half Life and Unreal Tournament has had in years past. I haven’t played it yet (due to my addition to Unreal Fortress 🙂 ), but I have […]

Planetside – Keep an eye on this one

If you’ve never heard of Planetside, it’s a squad based sci-fi game that bares a striking similarity to Bungie’s Halo. Planetside is being created by Verant Interactive, a little company known for the mildy popular game called Everquest. This game is near the top of my “Must Watch” list and I’m anxiously waiting for some […]

id programmer discusses Doom 3

Daily Radar has an interview with Jim Dos?, programmer for id software. Jim discusses “Doom 3” and it’s progress. Here’s a taste:

DR: Not much is known about Doom 3 except that it’s a work in progress. Is it comparable to the previous installments from so long ago, or is it a whole new, perhaps […]

Reuters made a oopsy! GC in October

Reuters admitted to making a mistake yesterday concerning the “up-ing” of the Gamecube launch date. FGN reports that the systems is still planned for an October lauch, but the 2002 delay is still in effect for Europe.

Duke Maker on Conker

George Broussard, President of 3D Realms, seems to think that Rare has got quite a game in Conker’s Bad Fur day. George had the following to say about the nasty little rodent in his latest GameFinger Plan update:

What can I say? IMO, it’s one of the greatest video games ever made. It once again […]

YES! YES! YES! Dodge Ball Advance for GBA announced for launch

One of THE greatest games is making a come back on the GBA.Dodge Ball Advance, a remake of a NES classic that I used to play the snot out of, it going to be a launch title for the Nintendo handheld.

I play as a what???

You want niche titles that are a little on the quirky side? Check this one out.

Gamecube earlier than expected?

The Gamecube will be released in September in the US according to Nintendo of Japan’s Executive VP Atsuo Asada. This is up a month from the preivous expected date.

Maybe the big N will get this box out on time after all.

Source : FGN

GBA launch details

Nintendo announced the details concerning the Game Boy Advance. The system will be released on June 11th with a MSRP of $99.95. Games will run at about $29.95 thru $39.95. The list of launch titles was also released.

Launch titles are:

Super Mario Advance (Nintendo) F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (Nintendo) Army Men Advance (3DO) High Heat […]

Bad Rags…

Anyone who watches Spin City knows that when Rags is on, he steals the show. Rags is a pet dog of one of the characters on the show. The running gag is that Rags wants to die. The dog is so ugly, that he’s cute. He doesn’t do a lot, but the other characters play […]

Shooting blamed on Video Game Violence

The Onion has a very interesting, satirical look at blaming violence on video games. Here’s a snippet:

Parents Against Robot-On-Robot Violence (PARORV) is calling for a ban on the giant-robot-themed PlayStation 2 game “Armored Core 2,” which the group claims inspired a 17-year-old giant robot’s Feb. 22 slaying of 13 giant robots and himself.


Three Stooges movie by the makers of “Something About Mary”

Received this via Infobeat I was originally concerned, but I think that the Farrelly Brothers know these guys are legends and will probably make the movie the best it can be…

Farrelly bros. to make Three Stooges film LOS ANGELES (AP) – Peter and Bobby Farrelly think there’s something about the Three Stooges. The sibling […]


Dark Horizons has a bit of an exclusive. If you’re looking for a nice way to cover the wall, I’d recommed this…

Can’t wait for this one….

Former Sega employee’s working on gaming broadband

A few former employees have launched a new company focusing on high speed communications for gaming. FGN says that the service will cover a majority of the consoles and will be available in the US and Canada.

“New Millennium is the antidote to generic Internet connections plagued with network lags that make online gaming […]

Sweet-Tooth doesn’t need a biger head

Icognito is working on a fifth chapter in the PSOne based Twisted Metal series. How about a super-deformed remote-control game.

Details are scarce, but the game will feature familiar characters from the series, albeit super deformed and with big heads. Each will be piloting a miniature remote-controlled version of their respective vehicle.

Info from Daily […]

Unnamed squirrel wrangler speaks bagged a “Unnamed game designer” from Rare for an interview on Conker. It’s an interesting read. If you think what you see know is a little risque, then let’s just say Rare tamed things down quite a bit.

On a related note, Cube.IGN has a history of Rare on it’s site. It covers the […]

Cranking out the Gekko’s (Not to be confused…Oh you know…)

Nintendo Nation has confirmation that the Main Processor, code named Gekko, that “the Gekko processor is currently being manufactured in their Burlington, Vermont facility and is using their state-of-the-art copper technology.” A number was not given, but enough are being produced to meet “Nintendo’s demand.

The processor is based on IBM’s copper technology and […]

TTT and RRV on NGC?

Cube.IGN reports that Namco is putting their eggs in Nintendo’s basket for the next round of consoles.

No details were given about what software to expect, but IGNcube has been able to confirm through sources that at least two titles are in development ## versions of Ridge Racer V and Tekken Tag Tournament. No word […]