It Sure Ain’t “The Wizard”

Wired News has a new article up about Video Game characters making their way to the silver screen. Lara Croft, Duke Nukem, and many other games are being converted to movies to cash in on their popularity.

While interactive shorts inside games were popular, the gaming animations are being looked at as legitimate forms of entertainment themselves. No longer confined to Saturday morning cartoons and cable shows, GCI animations meld live-action with video.

With Final Fantasy, people will emulate their video game experience in the movie theater. Unlike Tomb Raider, which stars the svelte Angelina Jolie as hottie-explorer Lara Croft, Fantasy is total CGI creations ?- a meld between animation and live-action that gives movie-goers the feel of being in an intensely real, computer-generated world.

“The interesting thing in between is that you can look at convergence as computers and video games getting more realistic,” Jones said. “But as we spend more time in virtual worlds, we become accustomed to that being entertainment.”

I’m very anxious to see how Lara and Final Fantasy do this summer. Resident Evil is also being worked on, but has received a lot of flack due to its departure from the original storyline.

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