Be Ben-Hur

GameSpot has some info on the new Kodiak Interactive game revealed at the 2001 Game Developers Conference. Circus Maximus is planned for the Xbox and PS2. The game is a chariot racing game set in anciet Rome and has been referred to as “Ben-Hur with combative elements.”

The competitors in these tournaments are from such varied locations as North Africa, Greece, and##of course##Rome. As such, each of the gladiators has his or her own specific strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Huns are more aggressive, while the Roman legionnaires are more methodical. Each team is made up of a driver and a warrior, and players will be to select which character they’d like to control. Simerman promised that, in the final game, each of the characters will be made up of 3,000 triangles. The version shown is early in development and is running at only 50 percent of the power of the final Xbox hardware.

Kodiak Interactive is planning to implement realistic physics and advanced AI attributes in the game. In fact, even the horses themselves will display realistic behavioral characteristics. For example, horses might slow down as they approach a battle. In the physics department, Simerman promised that the horses and chariots will have realistic weight. Going over a jump or a random log, the horses will leap in rhythm and the chariots will crash back on the course.

Gladiators in your living room. Gotta love that…

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