XBox is in da Hizouse!!!

If you have any doubt in your mind that the XBox isn’t going to offer a little competition, then you might want to check the rest of this post out…

These are fresh off of the new improved XBox site. These are all in-game shots. If you even think gaming isn’t going to rock this fall, then get outta my way…

XBox - Amped

This is supposed to compete with 1080 and SSX. If they get the gameplay down, they should have quite a fight on their hands.

XBox - NFL Fever

At first glance this one looked a little rough, but the details in the faces and the fields kinda let you know the power the XBox has.

XBox - Nightcaster

This is supposed to be a Gauntlet style fighter with some RPG elements thrown in.

XBox - Halo

This is THE game that will be going home with me if I get only one (which I won’t). I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. I’ve had the PC version ordered since 5.19.2000.

These shots are all from the new improved in the Games section. If you check the community page, you will see listed. I’ve been helping Ged and company out for almost a month now. I’m doing general news posts now, but once the XBox train starts, I might be doing reviews, previews, and articles. Hit me up at my X-Boxed addy if you have any info.

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