Sega’s Wild Riders

Take the chaos of Crazy Taxi and add the cops and look of Jet Grind Radio and you come up with Wild Riders. Dreamcast.IGN has some first screens and some preview info on this interesting looking title. I just read about in the newest issue of NEXT-Gen last night and it seems to be a game to watch for. While initially planned as an arcade game, it will prolly be ported before to long.

The basis of the game is you are running from the cops on a motorcycle with the object being distancing yourself from your pursuers before they catch you. The look of the game is similar to JGR, but a little more gritty to reflect a comic book look. The steering is via handlebars, but pulling and pushing the bars will allow other maneuvers needed to avoid obsticles. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one also…

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