id programmer discusses Doom 3

Daily Radar has an interview with Jim Dos?, programmer for id software. Jim discusses “Doom 3” and it’s progress. Here’s a taste:

DR: Not much is known about Doom 3 except that it’s a work in progress. Is it comparable to the previous installments from so long ago, or is it a whole new, perhaps unexpected experience with a familiar title?

JD: While the premise is similar, the gameplay and the story will be quite different from the original. Also, we haven’t decided on a name yet, so right now we just refer to it as “Doom,” or “the new Doom.”

DR: Is it safe to assume that the emphasis will be on the single-player game? By that, I mean is there anything beyond basic CTF and DM planned for multiplayer?

JD: Right now the focus is on making a great single-player experience. Plans for multiplayer are pretty much up in the air right now.

DR: We know nothing is carved in stone and that release dates are rarely divulged. If you had to guess, would you say this game will release in 2001, 2002 or beyond? Is the release of Doom 3 dependent on the release of the new Wolfenstein game?

JD: I can’t say anything about Doom’s release date, but don’t expect it this year. In general, each id game has taken a bit longer than the previous one, and I think we can expect the trend to continue on this one.

Wolfenstein’s release date won’t affect the release of Doom.

DR: Is there anything we didn’t ask that you can tell us?

JD: Heh, I’m just hoping I didn’t say anything that I’ll lose my tongue for.

Head over to Daily Radar for the rest of the interview.

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