Eidos announces Deus Ex GOTY Edition

EidosInteractive has announced the Game Of The Year Edition of Deus Ex, the game that caught everyone by storm last year. This game had the same effect that Half Life and Unreal Tournament has had in years past. I haven’t played it yet (due to my addition to Unreal Fortress 🙂 ), but I have it purchased and plan on playing it once I can get over the UnF shakes.

I have spent a little time with the title and can tell you that it isn’t a run and gun type of game. Explosions happen accuratly. Throw a bomb in a hallway, and the explosion travels the lenght of the hallway. Kill someone early in the game and the game will change. Act a certain way to a NPC (Non-Player Character) and they will remember it. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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