Bad Rags…

Anyone who watches Spin City knows that when Rags is on, he steals the show. Rags is a pet dog of one of the characters on the show. The running gag is that Rags wants to die. The dog is so ugly, that he’s cute. He doesn’t do a lot, but the other characters play off of him well. I received this from Infobeat and had to post it:

‘Spin City’ pooch gets flack
NEW YORK (AP) – When it comes to New York real estate, being a TV celebrity is no advantage. Rags, the 9-pound pooch on the ABC sitcom “Spin City,” faces eviction from his Fifth Avenue digs because other tenants say he’s wetting the hall. On the show, Rags is an inert, suicidal canine owned by mayoral aide Carter Heywood, played by actor Michael Boatman. In real New York life, he’s Wesley, a 10-year-old smooth-coated Brussels griffon whose owner lives near Greenwich Village. Some neighbors claim Wesley is making a mess outside his 14th-floor apartment. His owner, Ruth Powell, who also faces eviction, acknowledges her pet has been caught in the act once, but insists he’s not the primary culprit. Powell says she has letters from 14 residents attesting to Wesley’s innocence, while three neighbors complained.

Sounds like Rags is accomplishing more off of the show than on. He’s just lucky he doesn’t have Jack Nicholson as a neighbor.

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