Nintendo and the Sports game question

Very interesting explanation over at Cube.IGN for Nintendo’s decision to kill Retro’s in-process “Football 2002” title. This kinda makes you wonder. Sony has always been home to EA and their recently disappointing 989 Studios. Microsoft has some pretty decent in-house sports games and reportedly is pretty tight with Midway. Where does that leave Nintedo?

Ever heard of a company called Visual Concepts? How about a coupla little games called NBA2K1 and NFL2K1? How would you like to be playing an NFL2K-based game on GameCube launch day on your shiny new NGC?

Visualize This
As far back as two months ago, reports came out that developer Visual Concepts was secretly eyeing GameCube development hardware. At the time, it didn’t make much sense. As you’ll all remember, at that point Sega was still a hardware player and everyone from every company in the world seemed to deny that they could be in talks to feature software from the developer on their system. Well, now that’s changed, and I’ve received word from some trusted sources that Sega Sports will deliver an NFL title ## guess which one ## for GameCube in time for the holiday season; a launch title. It is most definitely a go, according to people much more in the know than I will claim to be. On multiple platforms, at that ## but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. At least now we know why Nintendo had no trouble swooping in and terminating Retro’s Football 2002 title. Which still makes me mad, by the way.

Kinda give Sega a console to carry on the tradition and answers Nintendo flailing (‘cept for the original Kobe-ball) sports lineup.

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