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GameSpot has some more info on the forthcoming VF4 arcade game.

The male character shown in the clip looks like a traditional Chinese Buddhist monk. He is bald and has a long robe draped over his body. He is relatively young and is proficient in the martial arts style of, Rakan Ken. This fighting style is one of the disciplines that have been passed down for many generations as part of the general Shaolin teachings. Unfortunately, the female character was not shown and Sega did not discuss any specifics regarding this second VF4 fighter. Of course, each of these new characters will have their own fighting arena. As expected, the Chinese monk fights in an old Buddhist monastery.

Features specific to the Naomi 2 arcade version of Virtua Fighter 4 include the ability to save and transport ones win/loss records and other game data from one arcade machine to another through the use of the magnetic card. Other features include the ability to share data with cell phones, and an external saving device, which could very well be the PlayStation 2 memory card.

VF4 - Wolf Hawkfield VF4 - Pai Chan

VF4 - Lau Chan

Screenies from GameSpot.

Also, PS2.IGN has some additional info on the demo footage being ran at the AOU (Amusement Operator’s Union) show in Tokyo. Additional screens available here

The character models are bigger, more detailed, and illuminated with much more precision. The quality of the lighting effects that reflect off of every surface is exceptional, and the animation and collision detection of things like joints, musculature, folding clothes, and other features is more refined ## check out the details on Akira’s gi and Aoi’s hakama, or Wolf’s abs for that matter.

No new characters have popped up yet, of course. The screens we have feature only familiar faces so far: Akira, Lau, Pai, Aoi, Kage, and Wolf. The stages in which they fight catch the eye even more than the characters at times, though. There’s a Chinese temple at sunset, where flocks of birds float into view. In contrast, a Grecian ruin sits underneath a stormy sky. A Bavarian castle is surrounded by snow, which the characters seem to leave trails in as they move around the ring. If you prefer more pleasant weather, there’s a beachside ring, surrounded by AM2’s signature palm trees and placid seas.

In another article on IGN.PS2, the three button control has apparently been finalized. Also, the Buddhist monk also sports some pretty slick moves.

In terms of factual details, we’ll start off with the confirmation of the game’s three button system. Suzuki has previously suggested that AM2 was trying out the four button system of VF3 and the three button system of the original two games, and apparently the three button system won out. The video also suggests that all the old characters will make a return – they’re all shown in new Naomi 2 form. Additionally, one of the new characters is shown – a bald guy wearing flowing yellow robes. In some ways, the game’s parry reverse system makes us think of a Jackie Chan movie. Truly something you need to see in motion.

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