Namco goes Woo’ish with Dead to Rights

First look at Namco’s new third person action game over at PS2.IGN. The action looks to be similar to Max Payne where the main character shows some John Woo moves such as shooting while diving in different directions while firing twin weapons.

Here is a quote from the article:

Perhaps the coolest aspect about this early game was the disarming scenes, in which the lead character Jack Slate grapples an enemy, steals his shotgun, and then dusts him. Namco’s team plans to animate the enemies’ deaths realistically, with characters shoulders swaying back and forth, their heads popping back with force, and limp bodies crumbling to the ground. Enemies contain about 10 different impact points along their body for a variety of animations. Slate also can shoot while diving in four different directions, backward, forward, left and right ## and will certainly dive off high ledges, balconies, and crates, for cinematic effect.

This one looks to be one to watch for. I’m adding it to my “Keep and eye on” list right now…

Here are a few pics coutesy of PS2.IGN. Go the the article for a few larger versions of these…

Dead to Rights - Pic 1 Dead to Rights - Pic 2

Dead to Rights - Pic 3 Dead to Rights - Pic 4

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