You so Crazay…

A game offering some of the most unique course designs that I have ever seen is reportedly on it’s way to the XBox. IGN’s XBox site has a interview with the creators of the game and some info on Crazy Car Championship.

IGN Xbox: How will you support the game online once it’s been released? Will you offer new downloadable tracks and cars for example?

Rik Heywood (technical director): We’ll support downloadable tracks and game mods, and we’ll also be releasing dedicated game servers so people with fat connections can host multiple games. There should always be a new game to join and we want to make it easy for players to find them.

IGN Xbox: Is this a one-off, or the beginning of a franchise?Karl Wickens (art director):Well we’ve designed the world of Crazy Car Championship as one that can support sequels, and even games of a different genre. The demand that is being placed on the quality and quantity of content generation in games means that it’s starting to become impractical to throw everything away and re-invent the wheel for every game that is developed.

I am a little anxious to see where this title is heading. Here are a few screenies courtesy of IGN.XBox.

Crazy Car Championship - On the track Crazy Car Championship - Track view

As you can see the tracks float in the air. It kinda has a mechanincal/fantasy look to it.

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