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From Earnhardt to Foo

Got this in Infobeat as well. I’ve kinda grown to like Foo’s tunes since I first heard ‘Learn to Fly’. I bought the CD soon after and must say, it get’s a lot of play…

Grohl gets guitar from Earnhardt Jr. LOS ANGELES (AP) – Singer Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters was happy with […]

Hey, hey, hey!!!

Received this via Infobeat today. Oba-tabidy…

‘Fat Albert’ getting live-action film LOS ANGELES (AP) – The character “Fat Albert,” created by Bill Cosby, is coming to the big screen as a live-action film. Cosby and his wife will be executive producers for the film planned by 20th Century Fox. No start date has been set […]

FF: The Movie – Who’s who on GIA

The Gaming Intelligence Agency, or the GIA for short, has a page with pics of the main characters for the FF Movie and the actors who voice them.

Looking good for GC launch

Things are looking good for an on-schedule GameCube launch according to Cube.IGN.

The firm (Japanese electronics giant NEC ) stated that mass production of the GameCube GPU kicked off in January of this year, with an output capacity of roughly 10,000 pieces per 8-inch wafer on a monthly basis. The fact that NEC is readying […]

BW backed from the dead

EB might be in talks to save BW if this post is correct. For those who don’t know, Barrysworld is a UK based gaming site that offers forums, game servers, free webhosting, and a bunch of other gaming related content. I hope this is true. I miss them and they aren’t gone yet…


Inside “Area XBox”

Very interesting article about XBox and the halls of “Area Xbox”. Here’s a snippet:

This is a conference room where you could plot the end of the world.

The entrance is flanked by steel panels. The room glows Kryptonite green. Metal walls slide back to reveal technology prototypes. A laser light of green is […]

Battlestar Galactica is back

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, but here ya go…

LOS ANGELES (Launch) – Bryan Singer, the director of “X-Men” and “The Usual Suspects,” will executive produce an updated version of “Battlestar Galactica,” USA Television Production Group President David Kissinger announced Thursday. Singer will also co-create the new series and, schedule permitting, serve […]

Nintendo colors decided

Pocket.IGN has the final color choices that have been decided for the GBA. The white version of the handheld will be called Arctic, the purple version will be Indigo, and the semi-transparent version will be Glacier.

Cube.IGN has nailed Indigo as the main color for the GC. Nintendo has even referred to the color as […]

XBox broadbandless???

From Daily Radar News:

Xbox will not have broadband capability at launch, a highly placed Microsoft source confirmed today. The delay, to 2002, is due to a slower-than-expected adoption of broadband, the source indicated. Since the Ethernet connection is built in to Xbox, the console presumably will still work for networked games at 56K or […]

Nintendo and the Sports game question

Very interesting explanation over at Cube.IGN for Nintendo’s decision to kill Retro’s in-process “Football 2002” title. This kinda makes you wonder. Sony has always been home to EA and their recently disappointing 989 Studios. Microsoft has some pretty decent in-house sports games and reportedly is pretty tight with Midway. Where does that leave Nintedo?

Ever […]

Gorilla(X) sized games list

GorillaX has done a lotta homework and has compiled a list of all of the XBox games in developement.

From the site:

The Official un-Official XBox Games Reference Library ################################################################################ Everything you see here, is public information gathered from the internet press.

In making this compilation, the rule of thumb was to make absolutely NO […]

More VF4 Goodness – GS & IGN

GameSpot has some more info on the forthcoming VF4 arcade game.

The male character shown in the clip looks like a traditional Chinese Buddhist monk. He is bald and has a long robe draped over his body. He is relatively young and is proficient in the martial arts style of, Rakan Ken. This fighting style […]

MGS2 Media at Core

Mucho Metal Gear Solid Media at Core Magazine. Apprently since they posted their first batch of media (20 pics and 4 vids), they have been hammered by downloads. They have requested more pics and movies.

Namco goes Woo’ish with Dead to Rights

First look at Namco’s new third person action game over at PS2.IGN. The action looks to be similar to Max Payne where the main character shows some John Woo moves such as shooting while diving in different directions while firing twin weapons.

Here is a quote from the article:

Perhaps the coolest aspect about this […]

Doom III shots

John Carmack, id genius, was giving a new video card a spin this morning in Japan. He had a nifty little piece of software testing it out. I think they call it Doom III. Voodoo Extreme has a few shots. THESE ARE NOT RENDERS! These are Real-Time shots. Still looks early, but very big potential. […]

Now take your Sega and your Namco and add a pinch of Sony..

Things just keep getting more interesting. Reuters is reporting that Sony will be working with Sega and Namco “to build an advanced version of PlayStation2 to be used in game centers. The new console, however, will carry some major enhancements separating it from the PlayStation2 it rolled into living rooms last year. These include monitors […]

Sega/Pace Set-Top Specs

Sportplanet has the specs for the new Sega/Pace Dreamcast enabled set-top box.

Today Pace announced the specifications the box is a digital TV decoder, based on a hard disk, and integrates the Dreamcast CPU chip and graphics processor. A disc drive is not included, so boxed Dreamcast games are not compatible. With the present 40Gb […]

EB XBox Newsletter

One of the Forum members over at MSXbox posted a copy of the flyers that EB is handing out at their stores. Click on the pics for a closer view.


Get Wired??

Interesting article on the technology behind the XBox at Check it out.

CG ain’t cheap

Square is heading to the land of Titanic with the budget for FF the movie, according to a report on Computer and Video Games. Originally priced at approx. $70, the computer animated films budget has doulbed that and has yet to be fully promoted.

This is on my “Must See” list this summer and I’m […]