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Colorful PS2s has a pic up of some new PS2s coming out in Japan. f you prefer things colorful, then you might want to check these out.

A US release for these is in the works, but no date has been set.

This is a cool looking game. Genki is working on Maximum Chase for a Jap. release, but I hope that someone brings it stateside. Here’s the story according to Gamespot:

(The Player assumes) the role of a Los Angeles police inspector named Rick. One day, a mysterious beautiful girl suddenly enters his car asking for […]

Have The Perfect Gift Idea, But Don’t Know How To Ship It?

How many stamps do you think this is going to take?

(Yes, this is on the official Postal Service site)

Thanks Blues.

Walking On Air Again

While I’m not 100% happy about him deciding to return, it is good to see stuff like this again.

Long live “His Airness”…

Get Stomped

I went and watched Stomp last nite for about the 5th time and again I wasn’t disappointed. A few new numbers including basketballs (similar to the one in their HBO special ‘Stomp Out Loud’) and another with water bottles from water coolers. A lot of people went in not knowing what to expect and I […]

RedOctane Launches Xbox and GC Areas

RedOctane has launched both the Xbox and Gamecube areas of their website. If you live in the US and want to rent some games online for home delivery, then check them out. Pre-orders on the games should be starting sometimes soon (some have already started).

Tell them that Smikwily sent you 🙂